Vampire Clan Banner
Hello, and welcome.
Please make yourself at home.
If you landed here by accident,
or someone brought you here,
then allow me to introduce myself.
chandlier I am Louie. chandlier
In case you are wondering, and I will bet you are.
This is a page for a clan of
Age Of Empires:Rise of Rome, Age of Kings &
The Conquerors Expansion players
We welcome everyone into our little coven,
We even welcome you to bring other games to our attention
We will teach all we know, and welcome
all knowledge you can bring to us.
This clan is not about being better
than anyone else, or challenging all
the other clans out there. Rather we
want to make the zone a better place for
everyone to play. We are more interested
in making allies than enemies. We play
for the love of the game not to prove
anything. If you are already in a clan
on the zone, and feel the same way, then
you have found an ally. If you are not in
a clan, and like what you see, and think
you are interested in becomming one the chosen few
Either Zone Message me, Vampire_Louie,
or you can e-mail me at
Also visit the how to join page.
For the names of our other members,
Please visit our members page.
Also remember, Vampires, if you do not
like the way something is done, tell
me, I am not hard to get along with
After all, The members are what make a Clan
Without you and your support, I am nothing.
Most importantly, have fun!!!
And visit this page often, as it
is updated at least weekly.
If you are thinking of joining,
Please visit the Ethics page.

Scene from Rise of Rome

My Crypt in ROR

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Top ten signs that you play AOE to much

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